Mclaren and Ballerina infront of MacLemons 2021 and 2023 Graffiti pieces

Happy, Happy Pill(ar)s at The new Wiggle Room

events Feb 10, 2024

The space here was given a defining centrepiece this week as our great friend Chris MacLemons finished the two pillars which now frame his 2021 work of Chloe the peaced out wiggle girl.

We all got really involved in the realization of these pillars which took Mac about two weeks. He has greatly refined his techniques in the two intervening years and so the results are both stunning in themselves, and fascinating from the perspective of the development of the artist. Working in a palette of colour from deep purples and browns and greens, moving to electrifying blues and oranges Mac has really gifted us with his own unique personal energy and vision. He’s made a masterpiece here. We joked a lot about Michelangelo. But what he’s imbued us with is an energy that will give vibrancy and life to all our daily commerce and a zing to any event we hold here.

The place was taking shape, he just breathed life into it. You gotta come and let your senses be sizzled. This is liquid acid dreams straight into your eyeballs, people. It’s joyous and utterly refreshing. The once turgid, functional cylindars are now Happy, Happy Pill(ar)s.

Pillars painted by MacLemons at The Wiggle Room in Cape Town, Bree Street.
MacLemons at work